iPhoneography: What’s the point?

27 Dec

Kwame.  A regular guy who really should spend more time taking pictures with his iPhone…or maybe not. I look at photographer Jack Hollingsworth’s Instagram feed and I really like a lot of the images -regardless of what camera they were taken with.  But he posted something recently that I just don’t understand.  He wrote, “iPhoneography [...]

Lauriana Mae at Bowery Ballroom

30 Nov


Trey Songz “Angels With Heart” performance

25 Nov


As usual, I was only allowed to shoot the first 3 songs of the performance tonight. That’s been standard for concert photography for well over 10 years. It’s goes by pretty quickly, but the funny thing is, I’m utilizing 3 very different cameras in that brief period of time.

Trey’s Angels

25 Nov

I caught these two as I was exiting the Trey Songz “Angels With Heart” benefit concert at Hammerstein Ballroom in New York City. I was struck by the contrast between their raw style on the street outside the venue, and the more polished style embodied by Trey’s “angels”, (as they are known), inside the venue.

Tyra’s Twin

2 Nov

Safe Home

1 Nov

Brandon Zimoyer

31 Oct

Princess of the Dark

30 Oct

The Biters

14 Oct

The Biters photographed by John Ricard, 2011/10/01 I was waiting for a flight home from LAX when I saw these guys, The Biters, looking so very rock and roll.  I asked to take their photo and we did a 60 second shoot right there in the airport.  I liked their vibe and I think it [...]

Living for the Weekend

13 Oct